Media Coverage

Documentary Film

Berrod, T. (Producer & Director). (2012). Faithful Polygamists [Documentary]. Lyon, France: Mona-Lisa Productions.

Television Interviews

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Evening News at Six. (2011, March 4). CHCH Television. Hamilton, ON.

Online & Print

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Radio Interviews

The Shift with Mike Eckford. (2013, October 21). AM 980 CKNW, Vancouver, BC.

The Scott Thompson Show. (2013, October 17). AM 900 CHML, Hamilton, ON.

Beach Breakfast with Mac & Mariane. (2011, March 11). FM 97.7 The Beach, Wasaga Beach, ON.

Morning Show with Joe Cahill. (2011, March 8). AM 610 CKTB RADIO, St.Catharines, ON.

News Talk with Maggie McKay. (2011, March 7). CBS Radio, AM 980 KFWB, Los Angeles, CA.

The 3AW Breakfast Program. (2011, March 7). AM 693 3AW, Melbourne, Australia.

The Scott Thompson Show. (2011, March 4). AM 900 CHML, Hamilton, ON.