About Me

I’m a behavioural scientist with a PhD in psychology, and I’m interested in human voices and faces. I research what we find attractive about how others look and sound, how our appearance and voice can influence what other people think of us, and whether these first impression are accurate. I’m interested in the role of voices and faces in social behaviour, both in the here and now, and in light of our evolutionary past. My research looks at issues such as sexual desire, jealousy, infidelity, and social status, and finds that our voices and faces play an important role in each of these domains.

My current research investigates the relationship between vocal characteristics and aspects of trust across economic, romantic, and co-operative domains. For example, does the sound of our voice influence whether others trust us? Do these perceptions of trustworthiness generalize across social contexts, or are they context-specific? How might our life experiences change our perceptions of other people’s trustworthiness? These are some of the questions that I’m addressing in my current work.